The work investigate the relationship between moving image and sound design in a performative context. The performance included a short film being projected on two screens, a sound design and composed music with a physical theatre performance. The narrative of the work evolves around the relationship between humans and technology.  


Created and Performed by Dor Frenkel

Original Music by Amit Segall

Photo credit: Trinity Laban and JK Photography


Based on Eugène Ionesco's play: "Amadee or how to get rid of it?". The performance tell the story of two sisters that never left their Paris flat due to a dead body growing in their bedroom. Their routine changes when a mailman accidentally knock on their door. This is a physical theatre performance that discuss the habitual nature of delay and the lack of the ability to cope with life events. The performance runs at Tazvta Theatre in Tel Aviv since 2016.

Director, choreographer and adaptation: Dor Frenkel

Director assistant: Karen Teboulle

Original music and light design: Amit Segall

Costume design: Yael Shterenberg

Actors: Shir Kaufman/Adi Kugler, Matan Goren, Dor Frenkel

Photo and video credit: Daniel Rozenbaum 


The work describe the life of a clerk from the perspective of his different yet persistence thoughts. The work was an adaptation to George Perec's play with the same name. The audience were seated in a clerk's desk and the actresses played in the space the desks created, influencing the audience.The performance discuss the difficulties and struggle the clerk faces by being part of capitalist culture.     

Director and adapter: Dor Frenkel

Director assistance: Naama Angel 

Original music: Nimrod Goldfarb

Set design: Stav Eliya

Costume design: Gili Debbie

Photo credit: Lior Rotstein


A monodrama plus brain. The performance investigate Einstein's support to modern culture and suggests a time to daydream. The performance was made in a long process based on Einstein's daydreaming technique and was inspired by Phillip Glass and Robert Wilson's opera Einstein on the beach. The work examines the triple relationship between Einstein as we know, Einstein as we imagine and the "normal" adults.  

Created and Performed by: Dor Frenkel

Original music: Amit Segall

Endless Boundaries

The performance examined the questions of assigned sex and gender, through a feminist technoscience lenses,  experimenting with "feminine" movement engaged with technology. The work arise  from a devised process of experimenting with choreography and projection mapping technology.


Created and Performed: Dor Frenkel and                                        Julia Testa

Technology, Visual Art, Original music:                                           Amit Segall 

The Basta

A short film inspired by Federico Fellini's films. The film's narrative is about two hungry children and one Basta owner. The work is a physical theatre piece converted to a short film. 

Created and Acted by: Dor Frenkel, Maya                                Bitan, Lilach Wissman

Filmed by Talma Schweitzer


A short film made with found footage materials from Prelinger Archives. The film discuss the meaning of encircling in both physical and narrative perspectives.  


Collected and Edited by Dor Frenkel 


A short film inspired by Einstein's theory of special relativity. The film follows a robot-human in it's attempt to find answers while confronting the laws of physics.

Created and Acted: Dor Frenkel

Original music: Amit Segall